Today we have some fun things to share. Why, do you ask? Cause we have a prototype!


But, before we start, let us apologize for missing the past two posts. Turns out handling client work, developing a side game with daily art posts, keeping a blog, and trying to maintain some semblance of a person life is a lot of work. Who’d a thunk it?

It may look rudimentary, but for us, it’s super exciting. We have the basics implemented that construct the foundation of the game. Platforming, inverted environments, and combat.


Eventually, the level(s) will be chalk full of enemies trying to capture Luminky as she’s trying to escape. This prototype is mainly focusing on platforming controls and was super helpful in judging art as well. We already have a handful of animation notes to address after this InkTober and additional animations we’d like to add.

Last week we had some people over to test and give notes/thoughts. Lucian, the cat, arguably enjoyed it the most. Contrast for the win!

tinymonsterstudiosllc_lucianplaytest_01In other news, we have new Twitter and Facebook accounts for Luminky! Go ahead and follow those accounts for all Luminky-centric content. Or, if you’re feeling extra loving, you can follow our company accounts on Facebook,  Twitter, and see daily progress on Instagram.

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