It’s official. Ink has made contact with paper and the creativity is flowing! To get things moving, and to get back into the swing of traditional mediums, we spent two afternoons in our sketchbooks bouncing ideas back and forth. The goal? Discover our playable character (PC) and enemy within the world of Luminky.


Since ink is, after all, the main theme of InkTober, we wanted to include characteristics of fluidity in the PC’s design. A lot of our brainstorming revolved around amorphous, organic, and liquid like shapes. Our other prominent theme is contrast, in relation to light and shadow. Our enemy’s shape, in contrast, is rigid, geometric, and inorganic. After the art dump session, we feel we landed on some pretty cool designs with lots of variety. Needless to say landing one one character was a challenge.


Above is the result of our sketch sessions

In the end, we added angular shapes trailing off our PC’s head to balance the roundness of their body. We wanted a character that has a strong silhouette, looks inky, and, because this challenge calls for animations in a short time frame, is simple to draw and animate.


Playable character left, enemy right

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